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Forum Key Authorization Troubleshooting for MacOSX users

If for any reason, you have issues with the Forum Software Authorization Process, please follow the following step-by-step troubleshoot to solve the issue or get closer to a solution:

  • Make sure the code is correctly copied: Make sure you copy the received authorization code from the attached TXT file in the email and not from the email body, as some mail clients tend to destroy the code.
  • Make sure your code is still valid: Once you receive an authorization code via email, it should be validated within 15 days or otherwise you should request a new one. The validation date of the code is indicated in the received email.
  • Make sure you have correct permissions on your machine: You need administration permission on your machine to authorize Ircam software. To check this out:
  •   Open your  System Preferences panel

  •  Choose Accounts


There, you should see the status of your account. It should indicate Admin if it is not the case, you will not be able to authorize your Ircam Forum Software.

  • Former Ircam Forum members (prior to 2012) may still encounter problems and they still might be unable to authorize correctly their softwares. Follow these instructions:
  • Open your /Library/Application \Support/ folder
  • You should find inside a folder named Ircam. It’s empty this is OK.
  • Trash the folder , or better move it somewhere else (on your Desktop for instance).
  • Retry the authorization procedure.

If you are still having troubles with the authorization procedure, please use the customer support here :