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Website Bugs and Issues

Please post a new topic in this Discussion Group for any bugs or troubles you run into on the website. We will track and do our best to resolve them as they come. Thank you!

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Diphone Studio

Discussin group on Diphone studio

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Max Sound Box

Discussion group on Max Sound Box technologies.

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Ircamax collection

Around Ircamax Live devices

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Future Music Lab at AMF

Online discussion group for Future Music Lab @ AMF participants.

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Digital Dark Age

Groupe de discussion des Répliques Arts-Sciences du festival ManiFeste-2013 : “Postérité, devenir, oubli : l’œuvre du numérique”  autour de la question du Digital Dark Age.


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Group Forums

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Set Theory et/and Open Music

Open Music propose avec les groupes “Dn”, “ZN” et “Aff” dans “MathTools” un grand nombre d’outils qui permettent à un compositeur n’étant pas mathématicien de les utiliser dans le cadre de la Set Theory tant au niveau de l’analyse que de la composition. Ainsi, par exemple, avec Open Music et “Transp-comb” on peut reproduire le processus de multiplication d’accords initié par Pierre Boulez et décrit dans “Penser la Musique aujourd’hui” et dans “Relevés d’apprenti”. Ce n’est qu’un exemple, on peut effectuer les transpositions, les transpositions/inversions, permutations, etc, en utilisant notamment les groupes Zn et Dn.
Peut-on partager nos expériences ?

Open Music offers with “Dn”, “ZN” and “Aff” in MathTools groups a large number of tools that allow a composer is not a mathematician to use in “Set Theory” at both the analysis of the composition . Thus, for example, Open Music and “Transp-comb” can replicate chords multiplication process initiated by Pierre Boulez and described in “Penser la musique d’aujourd’hui” and “Relevés d’apprenti”. This is just one example, you can perform the transpositions, transpositions / inversions, permutations, etc., using groups such as “Zn” and “Dn”.
Can we share our experiences?

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Korean User Group

Korean language user group

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OpenMusic library for the high-level control of sound synthesis with Csound.

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Linux Users Group

For discussion of any and all points regarding the use of IRCAM software with the Linux operating system.

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Discussion group for OMax improvisation software

10 22 2 months, 1 week ago


Discussion group on OpenMusic and computer-aided composition.

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Discussion group for Modalys software and modules

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Discussion group on spatialisation modules Spatfor Max.

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Najo Max Interface

Discussion group around Najo Max Interfacemodules.

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Discussion group for AudioSculpt, AudioSculpt Lite and Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tool users.

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Discussion group on Antescofo : usage, hints, experience, suggestions and bugs!

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MuBu for Max

Discussion group on MuBu for Max.

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User discussion group on CataRT Standalone.

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Forum Max Apps

Discussion group for Forum Max Apps users.

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Gesture & Sound

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General Discussion

General Discussion group on Ircam Forum issues. For software issues please refer to the specific product discussion group.

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inria MINT

elements of knowledge about the INRIA MINT research group, devoted to human-computer interaction, tactile/gestural interaction, including hardware design.

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