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Jan 14, 2019 - Jan 14, 2019

6PM - 7PM


Hélicanthe” is the interactive musical and multisensory creation platform designed by ACROE. This new creative tool, accurate and easily programmable, allows to create virtual instruments, to invent new instrumental structures, to imagine new modes of playing, to generate new feelings of gestures, sounds and visuals, and to embody the musical experience until its spatial immersive diffusion.

Seminar in French, public access. Sign-up here.

Helicanthe” merges all the technologies designed by ACROE and in particular:

CORDIS-ANIMA: Formalism for the physical modeling of multisensorial virtual instruments

TELLURIS: Real-time virtual instrument simulator with force feedback

GENESIS: Interactive software for the physical modeling of complex instrumental scenes, for sound synthesis and musical composition.Sans titre


Micromusic Festival, November 10th, 2018

Two instrumentalists, Claude Cadoz and Nicolas Castagné, placed under an immersive dome of 24 loudspeakers, play onto the same virtual instrument and feel each other their gestures.