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#011 Ircam Talk : First commercial audio plug-in from Musical Entropy by Ivan Cohen

Feb 04, 2019 - Feb 04, 2019

6pm - 7pm



Demonstration and stories about the first commercial audio plug-in from Musical Entropy

Ivan COHEN from Musical Entropy is going to present you his first commercial audio plug-in, available for Windows and mac OS with VST, AU and AAX formats, developed using analog circuits modeling techniques.

He will give general information about the specific kind of effect offered in P#######, with anecdotes and its influence over musical history, using audio demonstrations, talking about other existing audio products, showing the plug-in and its hardware counterpart.

Then, Ivan will explain in a few words the modeling techniques involved during development, showing off some methods to extract information from the original effect with measurement to copy its behaviour, and what have been the design choices made to make a relevant simulation with meaningful functionalities.

Finally, attendees will be able to try P###### and to suscribe to a beta testing list to play with it in their usual creative environment.

More information here and here


Seminar in French, public access. Sign-up here.


Ivan COHEN is a freelance developer since 2013, who have received a PhD thesis at IRCAM supervised by Thomas Hélie (S3AM team) about vacuum tube guitar amplifiers simulation, and have spent a few years in the french company Two Notes to work on the Torpedo product line. He collaborated with a few companies in the audio plug-ins and musical instruments industry such as Puremix, Sonic Academy, Wavesfactory or ROLI, provided training courses about audio DSP and the framework JUCE, and he is currently developping his own first commercial plug-ins under the brand name Musical Entropy.

More information here