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Jun 13, 2018 - Jun 16, 2018


Centre Pompidou


The Forum Vertigo holds an annual series of international encounters of scientists and artists, engineers and intellectuals. Vertigo: a zoom in on the vertiginous present. The 2018 edition of the Forum Vertigo takes an in-depth look at the uses of coding and algorithms in a variety of creative fields—visual arts, music, dance, literature, architecture. It questions the new modes of knowledge building effected through the impact of digital humanities.

This reflection is particularly acute and topical due to the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence technologies, opening new procedures of automatic generation based on massive learning of collections of contents. For the arts and for learning processes, the use of big data raises the question of authorship.

In connection with exhibitions “Coder le monde” and “Ryoji Ikeda” at the Centre Pompidou, as a part of Mutations/CrĂ©ations 2.

June 13th:

2.30pm – Digital Humanities: Code and decode knowledge

7pm – Debate / Code and artificial intelligence: New masters of knowledge and creation ?

June 14th:

11am – Coding the world 1

Joris Laarman Bridge

June 15th:

Noon – Starts residencies day

June 16th:

11am – Coding the world 2