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IRCAM Talk #008 – with Georgia Spiropoulos and Benjamin Lévy

Nov 19, 2018 - Nov 19, 2018

6PM - 7PM


#008 IRCAM Talk 

“EROR ( the pianist), fantasmagory for a disguised pianist, performers, electronics, and animated graffiti theater”

The composer Georgia Spiropoulos presents her new work, EROR (the pianist), with Benjamin Lévy, computer music designer.

A city where the inhabitants are ghostly silhouettes in color, a “disguised” survivor-pianist who obsessively repeats the word “error”, a piano-brain that remembers all the music (and forgets it right away), the flawed sonic geography of a city emptied of its inhabitants.

EROR, a piece for musical theater combining live performance and animation, inspired by the word λάθως (láthos, error), a graffiti tag repeated on the walls of Athens during the financial crisis. The work refers to political, geographical, and societal instability via the digital instability—the introduction of randomness and algorithmic error in the musical material, in the sound, in the image. The musical and sound scores (piano gestures, short tomb-tributes, live sound actions, and field recordings) are transformed and broadcast in the concert hall, on stage, and inside the piano with the assistance of a complex computer environment. The performance includes intermission-happenings where the disguised performers’ sound actions effect the acoustic and electronic sound. The stage space is defined by video projections of animated shadows—a parade of figures that move and travel indiscernibly, colored shadows of the residents of an emptied city.

Seminar in French, public access. Sign-up HERE.