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IRCAM Talk #009 – Web Wall Whispers an interactive web-based soundwork

Dec 03, 2018 - Dec 03, 2018

6pm - 7pm


Marco Liuni, Stefano Gervasoni, Francesco Cretti and Luca Morino (Turin Polytechnique), : 

Web Wall Whispers (www), an interactive web-based soundwork, conceived as part of the “Segni per la Speranza” artwork produced by Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte: it’s a virtual high-quality exploration of a mural, that generates a different interactive musical composition at every access.

www is an audio-visual experience with an open form determined by the exploration of the user; the work is conceived so as to offer a fruition that is never repetitive, which may take place through rapid exploration or spread over the time span typical of a concert or a traditional audio-visual installation.

The user has access to images of the mural work in high resolution and the continual unfolding of an interactive musical work. Thanks to a dynamic and stratified concept of audio streaming, the listening process is always polyphonic: the sound material activated by the gestures/actions of the user overlaps in various layers with various degrees of presence.

The listener traces the musical form as s/he visually explores the wall and, guided by the images and the sound, navigates through their own audio-visual trajectory.

Seminar in French, public access. Sign-up HERE.



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