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IRCAM Talk #007 – Compose music with mid-air gesture

Nov 12, 2018 - Nov 12, 2018

6pm - 7pm

IRCAM, Place Igor Stravinsky


#007 IRCAM Talk

Compose music with mid-air gesture


Edgar Hemery, speaks about Embodme

Embodme is the first electronic musical instrument capable of manipulating sound holograms by hand. 3-D finger-tracking is achieved thanks to a stereoscopic camera and a sensor pad. The sleek instrument uses gesture recognition technologies in order to transform data into sound.

Embodme moves us to rethink our musical approach by integrating body movements into in performance. The solution generates a spectacular performance for both the musicians and the viewers.

After four years of R&D at the Mines ParisTech robotics lab, the first prototype is available. To date, there have already been several try-outs of the Embodme in classical concerts and in the compositions of Pablo Altar. In 2018, the start-up partners with Agoranov and the 104 Factory.

Gesture capture is a new segment of the augmented musical instrument market. Between the technological possibilities and the demand for increasingly-experimental live performances, gesture capture is in the process of transforming the way one experiences live electronic music live.


Edgar works in the field of music technology and human-computer interaction, where he has been developing musical interfaces and installations for the past 7 years. Previous experiences, both in the music industry and academic research (University of Edinburgh, IRCAM, Mines ParisTech) has lead him to specialize in the design of musical interactions, based on gesture recognition.

Seminar in French, public access. Sign-up HERE.