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Meeting PRISMA

Jul 11, 2018 - Jul 13, 2018




Meeting PRISMA

PRISMA is a group of composers who identify themselves with common goals of research, diffusion, production and teaching. The aim of this group is to create music founded on complex formal structures but yet still accessible to emotions. PRISMA supports an aesthetic and practice that simultaneously articulates “constraints” and “freedom” as foundations of a relationship between “rule” and “invention. » The research of PRISMA is to create music through the development of several compositional techniques based on interactive models, focusing not only on musical production but also on the transmission of knowledge. All information and techniques are immediately put into context through teaching and the free distribution of software. PRISMA focuses its activities on relationships between analysis, formalisation and composition, and is dedicated to the study of musical systems, from ancient to contemporary, to define hypotheses of a new musical writing.

Event for composers – Free  – Subscription request by email