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PACMF 2015 – BioMusic: Music at the Cutting Edge of Science and Creativity

Feb 27, 2015 - Mar 01, 2015

All day -

The House - Plymouth University


BioMusic is the theme of the 2015 edition of Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, promoted in partnership with Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR), Plymouth, UK.

The festival opens with a symposium on brain-computer music interfacing, or BCMI. Researchers from UK’s EPSRC-funded project ‘Brain-Computer Music Interface for Monitoring and Inducing Affective States’ join musicians and invited experts to review methods for analysis and monitoring of bio-information associated to emotions.

Musical highlights include the UK premiere of Eduardo R. Miranda’s Corpus Callosum, for chamber ensemble, composed in collaboration with IRCAM and NOTAM (Oslo). IRCAM’s computer-aided orchestration technology was used to translate fMRI brain scans into music.

During the festival ICCMR will unveil the first ever biocomputer music system, which is an unprecedented interactive music machine based on slime mould [CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE]. Slime moulds are truly curious organisms: they are not plants, animals or fungi. But they share certain behaviours with members of all of these kingdoms. Researchers are developing methods to harness the behaviour of these organisms in order to perform computational tasks.