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Tribute to Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Jan 05, 2018 - Jan 05, 2018

8pm - 10:30pm

Reid Hall


Tribute to Jean-Baptiste Barrière


Credit: Jean-Louis Fernandez

Jean-Baptiste Barrière (born in 1958) belongs to a blessed generation of French artists who turned twenty in the midst of an academic boom that led to the revolutionary lectures of Foucault, Deleuze, Derrida, Lyotard. The radical philosophy that impregnated the minds of young artists was full of concepts such as rhizomes, deterritorialization, power-knowledge, deconstruction of metanarratives, and influential moments of the history of science, such as epigenetics, catastrophe theory and significant breakthroughs in particle physics or astrophysics –each of them challenging usual patterns of thinking as well as many artists’ imagination, therefore bearing a potential artistic program of its own. Art was bound to be a laboratory not only of form, but also of society. Barrière also witnessed the creation and development of increasingly sophisticated technologies, and very early on anticipated their artistic potential, leading to his interest in computer programming and his commitment to the activities of IRCAM, the electronic music centre founded by Pierre Boulez, during the years 1981-1998. 

In this event we will pay tribute by showcasing some of his works and presenting them in the broader context of Barrière’s curriculum and intellectual process, which lead him to a fruitful partnership with Columbia University, as a Visiting Professor (2011-2012) and a Composer in Residence of the Computer Music Center (2013-2014).

Surprise Prélude 
J-B Barrière Violance (violin, voice, electronics & video, 2003)
Surprise Interlude
J-B Barrière Crossing the Blind Forest (flutes, electronics & video, 2011) / French première
Surprise Interlude
J-B Barrière Ekstasis (soprano, electronics & video, 2014), French première
Surprise Coda
Aliisa Barrière, violin
Camilla Hoitenga, flutes
Raphaële Kennedy, soprano
Aleksi Barrière, speaker
Thomas Goepfer, electronics
Isabelle Barrière, cameras

and surprise-participants…

Sponsors: Columbia Global Centers | Paris, Department of Music, the Fritz Reiner Center for Contemporary Music, and IRCAM.

 Free and Open to the Public