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Forum Ircam Workshops March 26 – 29 2019

Mar 26, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019




Next international meeting with IRCAM Forum members, IRCAM research teams, artists and innovative tech aficionados in Sound and Music

#IrcamForumWorkshop2019 @ircamforum

Pre-registration HERE

Participants and Contributors

If you are a musician, sound engineer, composer, designer, if you work in research and development on new technologies, if you are professor or student, if you are professional or just aficionado you are very welcome to join us on this annual meeting at IRCAM in Paris.

The Ircam Forum workshops is a unique opportunity to meet the research and development teams as well as computer music designers and artists in residency at IRCAM. During these workshops, we will share news on technologies and expertise providing hands-on classes and demos on sound and music.

This meeting is a great place for participants to show their applications and new developments with technologies. Students are encouraged to present their projects and posters.

Call for contributions

You can send contributions by now here

New this year, afternoon discovery ‘Meet the forum’ 

This year, the day before the workshops, you will be able to attend an afternoon of discovery called “Meet the forum.” for FREE.

You will discover IRCAM’s new technologies in the form of an introduction- intended for beginners- with demos and conferences.

Everyone can attend “Meet the forum”, pre-registration is required (limited places)

Registration for all the event from 26-29 of March is now open here

About the workshops 

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Practical informations

Conferences are in English or French with simultaneous translation. IRCAM is located in the center of Paris. Suggested accomodations

Registration is necessary. Early bird registrations are open from now

Suggestions, ideas, contributions? Register to the discussion group