Events Help

Events are open to all Forumnet Members (default registration role), but require moderation from Forumnet Admins in order to be public.

Any event created by a Forumnet Administrator is automatically approved.

Creating an Event

1) Log in

2) Dashboard > My Created Events
– This page is an overview of all Pending and Created Events

If empty, it looks like this:

3) Click on “Create New Event” to enter the event editor.

The editor has different sections:

Title & Description (same as when creating any other post)

Event Date and Time

– Clicking on the field will bring a calendar box where you can pick your start date and end date. Time is inputted manually.

Event Address and Venue Information

– Input the address and venue information as completely as possible. Google Map integration will automatically create an embedded map once approved/published by Admin.

Feature Image uploader

– Upload an image for your event. Make it interesting!

– Hit “Insert to post” and wait for the box to populate with your chosen image.

4) After creating your event, hit “Submit this Event” and this will be automatically added to a “PENDING” list of events.

5) When you go back to “My Created Events” you will now see your created event is in your Pending Events list:

Moderating Events (Admin Only)

Every event created is set to “pending” by default until a Forumnet Admin makes it public.

1) In the Admin Dashboard, go to “Event Espresso > Event Overview

– This page will show you a list of all events created and their status

– You can hide columns by clicking the top right button “Filter: Show/Hide Columns” for a cleaner view:

– You can also filter the events to by their status to only show “pending” events:

2) Select the event you’d like to modify/approve/delete and it will take you to the events editor. For Forumnet Admins, there are a few extra options.

Event Category

– If you would like to feature this event on the events slideshow, tick off the category “Feature Event”.

ATTENTION: Always make sure “IRCAM Events” is checked by default on this page, or else the event will not show up in the Events Overview or Events Calendar.

Create A Post

– An Event post is technically not yet published until a Forumnet Admin creates one. On the very bottom (admin only), there is an extra options box.

This is the default view for this box:

To publish this event as an Event post, “Add/Update post for this event?” must be set to “YES”. If this is left as “No” the event will not be seen publicly.

– Forumnet Admins can also tag these events accordingly.

– Here is the box in ready to publish format:

Make Event Public

– Once that post is created, you can now make the post “Public” and update.

3) Hit “View Event” and see it live!