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Forum Workshop 2012 – Videos – Day 2

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IMTR Team Nes

F.Bevilacqua et N.Schnell
Real-time Musical Interactions Team, Ircam

Presenting Mubu and the new Voice Follower in Max along several artistic projects involved.

Renault & Sound Design

Nicolas Misdariis
Perception and Sound Design Team, Ircam

Presenting latest developments in the Perception and Sound Design team at Ircam applied to sound design in electric cars.

Modalys and Mlys News

Robert Piechaud, Joël Bensoam
Équipe Acoustique Instrumentale, Ircam

Presenting musical applications with the new Modalys engine for creating virtual instruments.

AudioSculpt 3 and SuperVP News

Charles Picasso, Axel Roebel
Analyse/Synthesis Team, Ircam

Presenting the new annotation tools (IrcamBeat, manual annotation) in AudioSculpt, new batch processing tools, new analysis tools and the forthcoming AudioSculpt Light.


Thomas Hummel
Experimentalstudio SWR (membre Forum)

Presentation of ConTimbre : the new automatic orchestration tool.

Copperlan News

Willy Buys
Société Alyseum

Alyseum develops new products using Copperlan, a plug-n-play high resolution protocole.


IRC Team and Forum membners

Discussion on the new Forumnet platform between Ircam team and members.