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Forum Workshops 2012, Day 1

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Ircam Forum 2012 New Platform

Arshia Cont, Frédérick Rousseau
Research/Creativity Interfaces Department, Ircam

Presenting the new Forumnet platform (Forumnet 2.0) and introduction to workshops.

Ircam R&D News

Hugues Vinet
R&D Director, Ircam

Presenting new scientific and development projects by Ircam R&D director.

Max 6 News

Emmanuel Jourdain
Cycling74, Ircam

Presenting new features in Max 6 (Gen, édition, Max4Live, …).

Presentation of Forum Max Apps

Manuel Poletti
Ircam, EtLaNuit

Presentation of new modules in ForumMaxApps.