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Forum Workshops 2012 – Day 3

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Quaero Project Presentation

Geoffroy Peeters
Équipe Analyse/Synthèse, Ircam

Presentaiton of audio indexation technologies. (French)

Spat News

Thibaut Carpentier
Équipe Espaces Acoustiques et Cognitifs, Ircam

Presentation of new technologies in Spat  : 30 new objects in 2012. (French)

OMX OpenMusic Libraries

Yannick Chapuis
Forum Member Contribution

Presentation of the OMX libraries in OpenMusic, the starting point of a vast project with composer Davide Echevarria.


Jean Lochard
Équipe Pédagogie, Ircam

Presentaiton of the new NAJO 2 Max Interface. Included in Premium Membership.

Forum Workshop 2012 Closing debate

Département Interface Recherche/Création, Ircam