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Part of the free IRCAMAX Collection, MultiFX embeds 4 effects in one. It was designed as a simple solution to add effects to a synth (as a GeissEnveloper) like in most hardware devices. The signal is sent in a delay line with feedback, a simple reverb module and goes in parallel into a Chorus and an Auto Pan. Some of the modules can be synchronized with the Live tempo. MultiFX is a simple FX box for all your plugins.


  • Reverb up to 16 sec decay time
  • Delay, with tempo sync
  • Chorus with tempo sync
  • Auto pan with tempo sync
  • Dry/Wet

System Requirements

  • Mac Intel computer with OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7
  • Live 9+ and Max for Live (details about Max for Live can be found at www.ableton.com)
  • This bundle will only work in Ableton (not in Max)
  • 2GB of RAM recommended.


  • Max/MSP and Live Integration by Jean Lochard
  • Product Manager, Frederick Rousseau