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part of IRCAMAX Collection


Simple M4L device to perform realistic transpositions with formants preservation based on SuperVP

SimpleTransp uses the SuperVP technology in a simple M4L device to perform realistic transpositions with formants preservation. The transposition amount can be controlled by MIDI using the MIDI Send device transmitting notes from another Live instrument track. It also gives a quick access to the Remix capabilities of the SuperVP engine in order to change the harmonic/noise balance or remove the transients on a Live track.

SimpleTransp belongs to IRCAMAX SuperVP Collection.


  • Transposition range -12 / +12 st
  • Formant Transposition range -36 / +36 st
  • Pitch control by another MIDI track
  • Remix Options (transient, noise and sinus manipulation)
  • Dry/Wet

System Requirements

  • Mac Intel computer with OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7
  • Live 8.2.5 and Max for Live (details about Max for Live can be found at www.ableton.com)
  • This bundle will only work in Ableton (not in Max/MSP)
  • 2GB of RAM recommended.


  • Based on “Advanced Phase Vocoder Transformer Module” from IRCAM Forum
  • SuperVP by Axel Roebel, Philippe Depalle, Xavier Rodet et al.
  • Max/MSP object by Norbert Schnell
  • Max/MSP and Live Integration by Cyrille Brissot and Jean Lochard
  • Product Manager Frederick Rousseau