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Antescofo colorscheme Dark/light

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Sasha J. Blondeau

Hi !

I’ve created color schemes for AscoGraph, and an update for Sublime Text.

For AscoGraph, you just have to import the color scheme in the Text Editor Menu.

For Sublime, you just need to go to Preferences->Browse Packages, and select the Package/User folder and drag what is contained in the folder “AntesColor” of attached ZIP file.
In your User folder there are two things:
– JBLO1.tmTheme (a Dark Theme)
– JBLO1-light.tmTheme (the Light version !)
– Antescofo folder.
Then you choose the JBLO1 or JBLO1-light in Preferences/Color Schemes/user

Novembre 30, 2015 à 11:36 #16329

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