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The user group for Antescofo.

Antescofo source repo

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I’m very interested in using Antescofo for a performance in 2017.
I’m working on Linux with Pd and experience a bug with 0.92-3 (see
I would like to build it from source and try to fix it.
I found the repo address here git+ssh:// but it requires SSH authentification.
I tried with my login / password from but it doesn’t work.

Is there a public access to this opensource repo ?
Or how can I get the source code ?



Décembre 20, 2016 à 14:23 #20297
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Hi Antoine,

I am afraid that unfortunately Antescofo is not opensource. However you may contact the people here :


Décembre 20, 2016 à 14:32 #20299
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@villeret : Thanks for submitting the Linux bug. This is a relatively easy fix. We’ll keep you posted on its progress and will do everything in our power to send you Pd/Linux objects (I need to find a machine for this!).

Antescofo is not an OpenSource project as of today but its PureData incarnation is distributed as Free software at Ircam Forum.
AscoGraph is though it’s source code is not anything close to being ready for outside contribution!
We are considering an architecture where the Pd and Max wrappers could become OpenSource so you’d be able to corrects bugs such as the ones reported by you yourself. We hope that this could happen sometime in 2017 if all parties agree.



Décembre 20, 2016 à 14:53 #20300
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Thanks for your answers.
I was confusing between Antescofo and AscoGraph concerning the open source status.
I’ll try Antescofo as is for now, and wait for a fix.



Décembre 20, 2016 à 15:15 #20301
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Here is a Christmas present: a build of Antescofo for Linux with the fix Jean-Louis Giavitto spoke about on the forge!

Décembre 27, 2016 à 10:20 #20319

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