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Antescofo/M4L: audio detecting issue

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Hello there!

I’m a new Antescofo user and I’d like to implement its potentialities with Ableton Live.

In particular, the detecting of piano notes is used to trigger sound processes in Live.
Now, while the ‘inlets MIDI’ function works great with the pitch detecting, the issues come when I use the live audio input from the piano: the detecting doesn’t respond correctly anymore! What am I doing wrong? Calibration? Wrong messages? Your help would be really appreciated, as well as your opinions.

Thank you in advance, Francesco

Décembre 7, 2018 à 01:00 #28491
Jean-Louis Giavitto
Jean-Louis Giavitto

The audio listening is sensitive to the calibration, especially for the piano. Try to increase the signal (check with the example patch where the calibration is displayed). Do not use any kind of filtering or compression on the input signal.

If I understand well, you send samples to the audio input. Does it work if you use another instrument (e.g., flute)?

Décembre 7, 2018 à 15:41 #28498
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Are you using a Synthetic Piano? If yes, I highly discourage that using Antescofo! Though this seems contradictory, Antescofo recognition works best with complex [and real] acoustic sounds. Synthesized sounds are poor in frequency content and are harder to follow for Antescofo than acoustic instruments!
If that’s not the issue, then check the Calibration as Jean-Louis suggested.

Let us know.


Décembre 7, 2018 à 17:48 #28499
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Jean-Louis, Arshia, thank you very much for your quick replay.

Yes, I’m using a ‘synthetic piano’ in this very case, to keep working even without a real piano. However, I tried the same patch with a live piano, checking the Calibration for a right signal and getting unfortunately the same issue. Is there perhaps something that I elude and that expert eyes can notice?
Here attached the Max patch.

Thank you

Décembre 7, 2018 à 22:26 #28501
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It would be actually more helpful if you could send us the Antescofo score and if possible, a sample recording of the audio that goes into Antescofo.

Décembre 11, 2018 à 17:57 #28552

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