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The user group for Antescofo.


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How to download or buy ANTHEMES 2 P.Boulez patch for MAXMSP ?

Juillet 11, 2016 à 11:22 #18506
Jean-Louis Giavitto
Jean-Louis Giavitto


There is re-making of Anthemes 2 developped by Arshia Cont that appears in the tutorials that are packed with the Max distribution of Antescofo. This remake has been presented at a dedicated workshop at ICMC 2014. The tutorial outlines the use of Antescofo but do not implement all the sections.

If you are interested by the complete and full patch for Anthemes 2 used in Ircam performances for your own production, please contact the Ircam production manager Cyril Béros:

Juillet 11, 2016 à 19:20 #18507
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@BBJMM : In addition to Jean-Louis’s response, the Anthemes II patches in the Antescofo Tutorial is an educational excerpt that helps you appreciate the compositional process and re-make of one sections of the piece. It is therefore not optimized nor intended for concerts. We reduced patch complexities here on purpose to focus on the process itself. Contact Ircam’s Production Offices to obtain the patch for performances or further studies.

You can also consult this online video that (in English) that provides insight on Antescofo and Anthemes 2 in particular with focus on “Authorship with Antescofo”:

Juillet 12, 2016 à 07:55 #18508

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