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Ascograph quit unexpectedly

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Just starting to use Antescofo, but am having persistent problem with Ascograph. Whether launched via Max or directly by double clicking the .app, Ascograph crashes each time. Any help would be much appreciated.


Antescofo 0.92
Max 7.3.4
Max OSX 10.11.6

  1. ascograph-crash


  2. ascograph-crash


Octobre 25, 2017 à 12:21 #24129
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Just realized that we never replied to this message! Sorry for that.. better late than never!

Ascograph has always been an independent standalone application. We did it very quickly despite lack of resources but trying to answer the needs for our users wanting a UI for Antescofo scores. We were wise enough to make it a separate Application and rely on Open-Source. We were probably not wise enough in our choice of libraries in the long run: Ascograph is built on top of OpenFrameworks, a really cool C++ collection of libraries for artists. Unfortunately, we relied on third-party libraries that are no longer supported by Openframework and compiling AscoGraph is just a hassle!

If we were to do this again, we would rely on a web-based application that would communicate with the Antescofo object (just as AscoGraph does).

I know that folks at Ircam are thinking about this so you’ll be soon updated on the situation. For the time being, try using the Sublime Text Editor with the Antescofo Language package which can respond to some interactions (but without a UI).

Sorry for the mess and thanks for your understanding.


Avril 3, 2018 à 17:50 #26131
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Hi Arisha,

Thanks for the explanation about Ascograph development. It’s a little while ago but I seem to remember that the issue with Ascograph 0.26 crashing was resolved, when I updated antescofo package and ascograph separately.

Thanks for advice to use Sublime with Antescofo Language package. That’s helpful even without UI.


Avril 5, 2018 à 16:50 #26172
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Thanks Fergal! Good to know that AscoGraph continues to work! :) And also that the Sublime package is useful… .

Know that the Sublime Package is open source and pretty easy to modify! If you have any suggestions, issues or requests on the package, it is here:

Avril 5, 2018 à 17:08 #26174

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