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Can't insert file and syntax error with Tesla

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Dear all,

Using Max 6.1.9 with Antescofo 0.91 on OS X Yosemite 2.9 i7 Macbook Pro.

unable to include file '/Users/rafaelvalle/Desktop/quals/papers/Antescofo/tesla/JBLO_macroDef.asco.txt': No such file or directory
-- line 205, characters 1-2 in file '/Users/rafaelvalle/Desktop/quals/papers/Antescofo/tesla/TeslaSOLO.asco.txt'syntax error, unexpected }

Pierre Donat-Bouillud and I looked over the code and it does not seem to have any syntax problems.
We also tried to manually include JBLO_macroDef.asco.txt to the score. The syntax error remains and another error appears:

Invalid macro call '@MdJ_bow1'line 1646: bad argument number 41 expected, got 2
-- in macro '@MdJ_bow1' line 1, characters 1-2
syntax error, unexpected <, expecting ==> or +=>
Février 12, 2016 à 03:19 #17091
Jean-Louis Giavitto
Jean-Louis Giavitto

Can you send the two concerned files BLO_macroDef.asco.txt and TeslaSOLO.asco.txt ? (in fact, the whole ‘tesla’ directory ?
Thank you.

Février 12, 2016 à 09:33 #17092

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