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My gotolabel doesn’t seem to work. I keep getting an error message. here is the patch and also a screen shot of the errors I get in the Max Console. The tutorial has the gotolabel receiving info from the 1st outlet of the umenu. I have it coming from the 2nd outlet so it will jump to the label e.g. EVENT4. I thought perhaps this was an error in the tutorial but perhaps I have made the error.

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Novembre 1, 2015 à 21:08 #15742
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We have try to reproduce your error but we were unable to get it.
We suspect that you may have two antescofo~ objects that receive the gotolabel command through “antescofo-mess” receivers ?
In the capture we can see that some antescofo~ receive the message and perform the command while another one do not have the score and signal an error.

Novembre 3, 2015 à 11:18 #15775
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That was it. Thanks!

I also got a message from Arshia that this in my score

GFWD 2.0 event25
ante_event 25

would need to be updated but I am not sure what the update would look like.

Novembre 3, 2015 à 12:51 #15776
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Your code with GFWD should actually work! Usually you do not need to update. But we recommend switching to the new syntaxe which will be this:

2.0 group event25
ante_event 25

Note that there are two differences here: (1) the keyword GFWD is replaced by group. and (2) for group, you declare the delay before the keyword whereas for GFWD the delay is declared after.

We therefore strongly suggest switching to this new syntax since you will also gain a lot of other features (such as dynamic calculation of delays and more). This is also a note for Keith Hamel in case he wants to update his NAPro to Antescofo Convertor… . :)

Novembre 3, 2015 à 13:40 #15777
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As always, you’re super helpful.


Novembre 3, 2015 à 22:44 #15803

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