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Opening Ascograph

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i’ve downloaded the new version of Antescofo, that seems to work correctly with my MAx 6.1.9 patch.
But i can’t open anymore Ascograph…
The Max window :
antescofo~: AscoGraph is ON with remote host: localhost, remote port: 6789, port receive 5678 .
open -a “/Applications/Max 6.1/packages/ircam-antescofo/externals/” –args –score “/Users/henrialgadafe/Documents/Sons/Max libraries/patch henri/Les ames errantes/lesameserrantesII.txt” -x 14 -y 60 -W 1397 -H 947 –showtoppanel

In the attachment the report problem.

Thanks for all


PS : iMac OSX 10.8.5

Novembre 2, 2015 à 10:37 #15747
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Grig Burloiu

Hello Henri,
Do you get the same error if you FIRST open AscoGraph and THEN load your score file into antescofo/ascograph?

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Novembre 2, 2015 à 12:01 #15757
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Hi Grig,
yes, same problem…

Novembre 2, 2015 à 12:12 #15761
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Grig Burloiu

We’re trying to replicate the crash…
So, Ascograph opens fine and then crashes on loading the score? Does it happen with any score file, or just this one? If it’s just this one, maybe you can upload it so we can try it out.

Novembre 5, 2015 à 10:09 #15814
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Hi Grig,

Not exactly…. I’ve tried to open it by all the ways.
1- Clicking directly on it, with max open or close.
2- With Max, creating a new patch with Antescofo, then loading different scores.
Every times the window “report problem for ascograph” appears.

The following lines don’t have much sense for me, i presume you notice them in the report:
Dyld Error Message:
Symbol not found: __ZNSt12out_of_rangeD1Ev
Referenced from: /Applications/Max 6.1/*/
Expected in: /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib
in /Applications/Max 6.1/*/



Novembre 5, 2015 à 11:15 #15815
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It looks like a compilation problem of Ascograph to me:
after demangling __ZNSt12out_of_rangeD1Ev, the missing symbol is _std::out_of_range::~out_of_range() so maybe Ascograph is somewhat using exceptions while support for exceptions is not compiled in. If this exception is raised, it also means from a code point of view that there is an allowed access to a vector or some container like that.

Novembre 5, 2015 à 14:18 #15818

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