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audio problems on preview of treatments

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I am hearing a lot of clicks and pops when I use the superVP playback of treatments. I have tried many configuration settings in the “realtime processing settings” section, including reducing the gain, and larger and smaller window size settings, as well as the factory default. None of these settings affected the quality much. I tried many latency values for the superVP play latency setting. This had the most effect on the quality, which seems to sound best at .3 seconds of latency.

I am running audiosculpt on a 2012 macbook pro, 2.4GHz, OS 10.7.5.

If anyone has any suggestions or has solved a similar issue, I would appreciate the help.


EDIT: I think I found the correct setting. Please disregard beginner mistake post, thanks!

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Janvier 7, 2017 à 05:18 #20435


Yes the only way to properly configure the playback of treatments is with the SuperVP latency.
If the default setting value does not work for you, you may add or reduce this value until you find the best one.

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Janvier 7, 2017 à 17:07 #20437

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