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Spectral Modelling synthesis

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Is there a way to do spectral modelling analysis and re-synthesis using Audiosculpt?

Best wishes, Savannah

Décembre 9, 2016 à 12:29 #20129
Axel Roebel
Axel Roebel

Hello Savannah,

sure that is what is called “partial tracking analysis” in AudioSculpt. You find it under the menu item Analysis. Once you have done partial analysis you can edit the partials, and you can resynthesize all or selected partials using the “synthesize partials” (real time output) or “synthesize from partials” (file output) menu items in the processing menu. For the latter a dialog lets you mix the partials with the original sound file such that you can produce residual signals (the original file minus the sinusoids).

Note, that there are two analysis modes, inharmonic analysis does not require any previous analysis, and harmoinc partail analysis that finds partuals following a previously determined fundamental (you get that by means of fundamental frequency analysis agan in the analysis menu).

Don’t hesitate to pose more questions if you don’t get this going as you wish.


Décembre 17, 2016 à 22:08 #20263

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