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SuperVP Kernel Error

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I’m having problems with AudioSculpt v.3.3.8 (with OSX 10.11.6). Whenever I try to perform a Source Filter Synthesis, I get an error message saying:

The kernel “SuperVP” reported an error.

I would like to re-install AudioSculpt v.3.3.8 to see if this will fix the problem.

Is there somewhere at IRCAM ForumNet where I can re-download my 3.8.8 version of AudioSculpt to achieve this?

Août 12, 2018 à 11:59 #27427


Do you always have this supervp error, or is it only when you try to use the Source Filter Synthesis ?
May be you should reset the settings to the “Factory Settings” : look at the bottom of the Source Filter panel and change the settings popup menu to “Factory Settings”, then retry to perform your synthesis. In case you have a configuration conflict that may help.

If you want to download again a previous AudioSculpt version you can look in the Archives section here:

Best regards,

Août 13, 2018 à 09:32 #27428
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Thank you for your helpful reply Charles.

This supervp error only occurs when using ‘Source Filter Synthesis’. ‘Generalized Cross Synthesis’ works fine.

When I try to download the version of AudioSculpt I paid for originally, I get a message saying:

The requested download is not purchased yet. Please add to cart and proceed to checkout.

I’ll try again with factory settings.

Août 17, 2018 à 08:26 #27451

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