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Gesture & Sound

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User group of gesture & sound products.

Geecos – Gesture Control Surfaces

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Dear all,

I realized I never published in this group a few links to my work related to Gesture & Sound.

here’s a video on the technology I developed at Ircam using modalys in real time, refined sound analysis of the performer’s hands and gesture recognition.
It was used last june during Manifeste 2013 in a piece by me called “Voir-Toucher” for 4 gestural musicians.
It’s all real time modal synthesis controlled and modulated only by performer’s gesture analyzed by audio descriptors.

Heres a first video released last september

and here’s a video of the last performance done in Italy last mai:

more sound here:

Comments are welcome


Juillet 2, 2014 à 11:54 #9813
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Dear all,

I’ve just released a video with some excerpts of the first composition using the Geecos (Gesture Control Surface).
Voir-Toucher, for 3 Geecos, Kinect and realtime sound synthesis premiered at Centre Pompidou – Grande Salle on June 12th 2013.

The sounds of the entire piece are done with modules in realtime and sound descriptor mapping using ircamdescriptors.


Octobre 20, 2014 à 15:18 #11099

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