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VoiceFollower Markers

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Larry Nelson

The only way I can find to put markers in a reference audio file is to create a Marker text file and then read that into the reference audio file. I think there must be a way to double-click or command-click the audio file display but I have not found it. Can you help me understand how to insert markers?
Also, do you have any patches that demonstrate new developments in Voice following? I am working on a solo vocal piece for both spoken and sung voice (interfacing with Antescofo) and any suggestions will be appreciated.
Larry Nelson

Septembre 17, 2015 à 21:20 #14778
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I Larry,
to add markers you have to check the button “markers” right down in the toolbar of the object.
Then click on the position were you want to add a markers, this adds the marker.
To move it just click and drag on the marker. To remove it select it and press delete.
Double clicking on a marker will show a table allowing to edit the marker and to add a label on it.
When you are done uncheck the “markers” button.

Best Regards

Septembre 17, 2015 à 22:03 #14779
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Frederic Bevilacqua

Dear Larry

Unfortunately, We don’t have any new patches to share right now, we made several tests and we hope to improve the object, in particular to have a better way to handle the “silence” automatically. Don’t hesitate to communicate any problem you encounter.


Septembre 18, 2015 à 14:25 #14786
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Hi everyone. How do you save the markers that you added to an audio reference file?

Janvier 20, 2018 à 08:18 #24873
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you can save markers in a text file with the “writemarkers” message (see help patch in markers Tab).

Janvier 20, 2018 à 15:00 #24874

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