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Initial Position

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I’ve been experimenting with a clamped plate and single points / felt connection. Managed to get a “functional” script with two different points, in order to get two successive impulses. The position is controlled by an envelope.
I am trying and understand the impact of the initial position on the excitation. With different values, between 0 and 1, I get very different results, even though the 2nd impulse takes place much later than the 1st one.. I also wonder if the fact that the plate is already vibrating when the second point collides with the plate might make the control of the interaction between both objects harder to control.

See the file attached.


Septembre 8, 2016 à 18:44 #18989
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Attaching the same file with comments regarding possible bugs or questions regarding the relationship between initial position, and position control. There seems to be a bug, but I am not sure about it.

Septembre 8, 2016 à 19:05 #18992

Hi Coralie,

I post the two scripts I send you also here for the other member of the group…

To some up, if an initial position is defined in a connection, this position must be the same in the envelope that you define to strike the object in order to be sure that the two objects will be in contact during the synthesis.

The second script joined to the answer demonstrates how to use the free-cidc-plate. It has to be fixed somewhere (here at the center) with a ‘position connection to avoid its mouvement during the synthesis.



Septembre 13, 2016 à 14:10 #19022

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