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Mlys dynamic controller params

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Question about mlys~ scripts, dynamic controllers.
What does the third argument stand for?

Hammer_c2 = make_controller('DYNAMIC',1,-1,0.5,'Hammer@large-mass')

here, a dynamic controller, one dimension, ???, intial value, target.

The principle is different in Modalys: we have the type, number of dimensions, PERIOD, initial values and message name.
Should I understand that -1 is sampling period? I am confused.

Also posted in the maxapps forum.

Août 20, 2016 à 15:29 #18833
Robert P.
Robert P.

Hi Coralie,

The 3rd argument is the update period for the controller.
0 means “every sample” and -1 “when necessary”, so -1 is better! I guess it’s some legacy parameter, but to my opinion, it should not even be exposed.
To be short: -1 is safe in every case.


Septembre 20, 2016 à 15:00 #19089

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