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root error message

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I get the following error message when reading my .mlys file in modalys~.

“root must be bracketed in rtsafe”

Note that the script is actually read by modalys. I get my controlers list and the patch won’t crash. But of course, it won’t yield any sound.

=>Update: the order of the elements in the code was the reason for the error message.

Septembre 19, 2016 à 10:16 #19056
Robert P.
Robert P.

Hi Coralie,

I am unpiling old messages (and this is a rather old one, and I realized you were left in the dark… sorry!!)
Could you please recheck this with the latest version of Modalys (3.5.0) when you get a chance?
I can no longer reproduce it on my side.


Mars 28, 2018 à 10:55 #26057

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