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rtsafe computation error single-point

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I am trying to use a single-point / felt connection / free circular plate. I have the following error messages: “connection computation error” and “maximum number of iterations exceeded in rtsafe”.

I have used roughly the same script with a two-mass and it seems to work fine (only, I cannot achieve a satisfactory result : the two masses seem to bounce against each other or against the plate, and I cannot figure how to change the two-mass parameters to solve the problem). Hence the single-point seems more reliable for my purpose.

I am basing myself on the marimba examples and free circular plate examples in Mlys.

Please find the files attached.


Septembre 20, 2016 à 12:42 #19074
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The single-point-felt script works using a signal input, as in the mlys marimba example. See script attached. But the signal output can’t be heard.

I don’t get it.



Septembre 20, 2016 à 14:33 #19083

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