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MuBu for Max

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multichannel audio sources and descriptor analysis

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I’m using MuBu to build some cataRT-style patches that can handle multichannel sources. I have a question about the descriptor analysis stage: does the analysis in mubu.process look at the sum of all channels, or just the first channel? If its the sum, how can I force it to look at only the first channel when carrying out the descriptor analysis? (I don’t want to separate the audio into mono channels as its an ambisonics source).


Janvier 16, 2019 à 13:05 #28872
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Hi Natasha, interesting project! I think most pipo modules would sum the input.
You can choose the channel to be analysed by prepending the “select” pipo, and then set @select.columns , e.g. for the first channel:

mubu.process mymubu audio select:descr @name channel1 @select.columns 0

you can have one mubu.process per input channel.


Janvier 16, 2019 à 16:05 #28873
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Thanks, that was very useful!

I have another question that I’ll bring up with a different thread title.

Janvier 16, 2019 à 21:09 #28874

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