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Yin Segmentation in Catart

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hi there

sorry if this is a basic question, ive been through all the help files a few times and still cant figure this out

im trying to modify the catart patch so that it also does yin segmentation and so that i can use the fundamental freq as an axis on the scatterplot, like you could with the FTM version

is this possible here? i really cant figure it out



Août 24, 2017 à 23:24 #23436
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Hi Lewis, you mean the catart-by-mubu patch? The original yinseg is not yet implemented in pipo. Does onseg (on loudness) work for your case? If it must be pitch-based, you could try with yin:delta:onseg.
Of course pitch can then be an axis.

Août 26, 2017 à 18:00 #23445

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