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OpenMusic Sound Synthesis and Processing Libraries

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This group focuses on the usage of OpenMusic in relation to sound synthesis and processing, particularly
on the audio objects and the libraries OM2Csound, OM-ASX, OM-Chant, OMChroma, OMPrisma, OM-Spat and OM-SuperVP.

Rhythm library

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Greetings All,

Could anyone help?

I was wondering if there is an openmusic library that can process rhythmic morphing in the way that the Profile library deals with pitch. I’ve looked but have not found. Perhaps I haven’t looked in the right places…

Ideally something that can deal with a initial state that gradually reaches intermediate stages ending in the final and state. I guess that’s the definition of morphing however! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they will be much appreciated!!

Thank you !

Juillet 3, 2017 à 19:17 #22940
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Hi — I think you should post this on the regular OpenMusic user group
This one is about Sound Synthesis and Processing.

Juillet 3, 2017 à 21:56 #22941
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— there’s many ways to achieve interpolation between two rhythms. To my knowledge no dedicated tool is in a library.

An example is given in the text “Knitting and Weaving: Using OpenMusic to Generate Canonic Musical Material” by Serge Lemouton and Asbjørn Schaathun in the OM Composer’s Book vol. 2, in case you have access to it.

Juillet 3, 2017 à 22:02 #22942
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Hi Jean,

Many thanks for your advice –
I do indeed have OM composer books
1&2. Will have a look at the chapter
you suggest.

Apologies for inappropriate posting!

Best wishes,

Juillet 3, 2017 à 22:33 #22943

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