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OpenMusic Sound Synthesis and Processing Libraries

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This group focuses on the usage of OpenMusic in relation to sound synthesis and processing, particularly
on the audio objects and the libraries OM2Csound, OM-ASX, OM-Chant, OMChroma, OMPrisma, OM-Spat and OM-SuperVP.

using expon in chroma; or how to call own built insturment in c-sound

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Hi All

is there a function in OM like the expon(Trace an exponential curve between specified points.) from csound?

.. or how do I call own Instruments which I built in c-sound? ( I know that you can call tables but its not so clear.. mabye thats working the same way?)

Thanks :)


Novembre 23, 2017 à 15:16 #24409

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