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basic questions about forum attachment

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could somebody re-explain
– the procedure to import in OM the patches submitted in attachment in the forum’s discussions
– how to transform “lisp code” patch into an readable patch in OM ?

or tell where those informations can be found ?

sorry if inappropriate



Juillet 20, 2018 à 14:10 #27197
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Hi Ch.D.

You have two cases :
1- graphical patches attached in the forum. In fact they are lisp code. So in order to import it :
a- Save-as the attachement by appending “.omp” to its name, like so mypatch.omp
b- THen you can import it as a patch in om. Without this extension, om will not recognize it as a ptch

2- Lisp code (not patches), are not importable. But you can open them using your listener. Usually they should have as a first line :
(in-package :om)
if you need to use the contents as a graphical function or method.

Hope this helps


Juillet 20, 2018 à 14:21 #27203
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thank you for this
fast answer

warm regards

Juillet 20, 2018 à 22:45 #27204
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For importing patches in OM, you can also have a look at this page from the user manual:

As Karim explained, using “Lisp code” is a bit more involved. Actually there exist many ways to use and import Lisp code in OM: application init files, workspace “user” startup files, add-on libraries, Lisp functions etc.
The user manual also provides hints to start with:


Juillet 21, 2018 à 10:13 #27208

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