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Change default font for Lisp Editor?

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Hello…could someone remind me which .lisp file contains the default font preference for “Lisp Editor” from the “Windows” menu? I’m able to change it during a session via “Text Font” in the edit menu of the buffer, but the preference is not saved after I quit a session. Thanks!

Juin 13, 2018 à 18:18 #26751
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Hi — there’s two places where you can place Lisp files to have them loaded at OM startup:

1) In the “user” folder of your workspace
2) In “OM 6.13/Contents/Init/”

Just create a .lisp file containing the following line (with the font you like):

(setf om-lisp::*def-text-edit-font* (oa::om-make-font "Arial" 18))


Juin 14, 2018 à 08:16 #26753
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Thanks very much!

Juin 14, 2018 à 10:06 #26755

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