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Deprecated libraries

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Hi, I have a question about deprecated libraries. These are mostly third-party, so I understand Ircam isn’t responsible for keeping them updated.

Libraries that I’ve been unable to load in 6.13 include OMgeste, Mus3fractals, and (more surprisingly) OMLily. OMLily worked just fine until a few weeks ago on 6.13, but now it doesn’t. I won’t attach the specific error messages, as there is a bewildering variety of them.

So, having established that those (and other libraries, like OMGecode) don’t work on 6.13, there are two more issues: I tried OMGeste and Mus3fractals on 6.10, and though the documentation says it’s compatible, it doesn’t work either.

Here is the really weird issue, though: When I try to load deprecated libraries, it often creates some kind of “permanent error”, with the result that I can’t open the preferences menu at all, and the OM Session is functionally dead. Even rebooting the computer doesn’t help. At that point I have to copy all the info from the session into a new one, and set new library preferences, taking care not to open any of the “booby-trapped” ones.

Is there any solution to this? (Other than “don’t open dead libraries”). I understand it must be a nightmare trying to keep an open system like OM compatible with itself. I would really love to try out OMGeste and Mus3fractals.

Thanks again to everybody for your neverending work. :)

Mai 31, 2018 à 15:30 #26640
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Dear Michal,

Since i am responsible of omlily, which version are you using. Version 2.3.6 works fine with me on om6.12. It could be that it is a problem with conflicting methods with some other 3rd party libraries. Can you forward me with some error reports i will be glad to fix this.


Mai 31, 2018 à 16:42 #26642
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Dear Karim,

I tried to open OMLily in a new session, without any other libraries open, and got the first error message (attached).

Next, I unselected OMLily, and tried to open something safe like esquisse. Same error message. I closed preferences,tried to reopen it, and got the second attached error message. So now, I think the only solution is to delete the whole session and start a new one, unless there is some simpler way to do it?

(OMLily seemed like it might be a good solution to my problem getting eigth-tones into sibelius, but when I tried it it also didn’t show eigth tones. There was the additional issue of all the other things I might want to put into a score, like dynamics and formatting, which I’m sure is a question of learning the Lilypond programming language, unless you can recommend a good front end that handles those things – in half an hour of google searching I didn’t find it, but I also wasn’t really sure what to look for).

For now, I just designate a separate instrument for eighth tones, since the majority of musicians are unhappy being asked to play anything smaller than a quarter tone anyway, and Tristan Murail himself uses this solution.

Best wishes,

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Mai 31, 2018 à 17:23 #26643
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I’m having a little bit better luck opening libraries through the OM Packages library window (seems a bit safer, if it doesn’t want to open a library it just won’t without crashing), but I still can’t open “preferences”.

Mai 31, 2018 à 17:40 #26648
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I think this is related to a “corrupted” workspace’s preference file and not related to a specific library.
You can try to remove the preferences.lisp file (before laucnhing OM). then launch om and then try to load whatever lib you want (most preferably an up to date lib) and then see how it goes.

Or, create a new workscpace.


Mai 31, 2018 à 18:38 #26649
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OMLily works just great on my end (OM 6.12 on Linux and Windows), and with the typeset Lilypond score being the end result. I haven’t tried using OMLily with Sibelius, though. Perhaps exporting music in XML format could be a solution?

Mai 31, 2018 à 19:34 #26650
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Hi Nagymusic, yes, Sibelius certainly doesn’t handle OMLily files, I simply export poly objects as xml and open them in Sibelius. Sometimes I will export a project as MIDI and edit in Logic (actually I am switching to Reaper now) as it allows me to edit tempo maps and time signatures in a way that Sibelius can read, and also edit the music visually. But then, of course, I have to have all the microtones separated onto separate tracks, and Sibelius doesn’t like to combine microtonal tracks with non-microtonal tracks.

One useful thing I’ve discovered is that most DAWs (like Logic, but to a rather limited degree) have the ability to carry out some of the same processes as OM, like pitch and time-scaling, pitch multiplication, MQ, and so on. For that matter, Sibelius also has plugins that do some of those things, but the environment doesn’t lend itself to using them without creating a giant mess. I am experimenting with Reaper because it has a much bigger list of batch processing options, and I’ve even heard rumors that you can detune individual MIDI notes instead of creating a separate track for them.

Mai 31, 2018 à 19:52 #26651
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THx Nagymusic
for the report.

But, … please be advised Musicxml is very very tricky if you need it to be imported in sibelius, finale, dorico or whatever…
It is not guaranteed to work. Supposed to be a standard format, it is not when it comes to be imported, … because of the parsers..
Parsers understand conversion at their convenience. So goodbye universal format…
I recommend to use omlily ONLY for exporting .ly files.

By the way i am working on the import version of ly files, but this is even more tricky. So it is still in progress.

Best to you all
And may the score be with you !


Mai 31, 2018 à 19:56 #26652
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Dear Michals,

By the way, Lilypond don’t support 1/8 tone playback. 1/4 are automatically played and this is great.
When i have time, will try to find a way to export all microtones into symbols in lilypond. But for the moment i am currently finishing a big score.


Mai 31, 2018 à 20:00 #26653
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Merci Karim! For now it’s not a big deal, I’ve found a way to get Sibelius to do what I need, so I’m not planning to switch to Lilypond anytime soon. Good luck with your big piece! I checked out your piece for Solo double bass on youtube, I really liked it.

Juin 1, 2018 à 22:44 #26662

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