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feature request: change workspace view font size

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After having some initial problems, it is possible to get OM looking good on high DPI
displays by changing the font for the patches, and setting the box scale factors in the preferences.

The last part of the jigsaw is the workspace view itself. If you’re like me and have
hundreds of files, folders, and all kinds of junk in your workspace ‘root’ view, trying to read this
on a HighDPI display is next to impossible, as you can’t change the font. It is worst when the display
is in list mode, which I find I use the most.

If it were possible to configure the font for the workspace view (like you can change the fonts elsewhere)
this would be seriously appreciated from an accessibility point of view, as with some patience, most of the other
bits of OM can be scaled through the preferences dialog. As far as I can see, only the workspace list view can not.

OM on Windows 10 itself is, a real achievement. I really like how it runs on this platform: it’s super fast and in general
an absolute joy to use. Thank you to the development team for all your efforts.


Juillet 6, 2017 à 11:20 #22982
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Hi Ambrose,

The following code will change the font that is used for the creation of icons related to pesistant objects in the workspace (i.e. patches, maquettes, folders)
You can set it as you like (here I keep the same font but with size 8).

(defmethod get-view-font-icon ((self ompersistantobject)) 
  (om-make-font *om-def-font-face* 8))

I’ll consider making a Preferences parameter for this.

Hope this helps,

Juillet 26, 2017 à 09:50 #23193
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Fantastic! Thank you very much! I can now see much better at 14pt.

I put this in my patches folder and it works great. One thing to note though for a preferences option
is that the line spacing doesn’t quite scale correctly in list view – the descending bits of ‘gjyp’ characters get
cut off a bit for font sizes larger than about 12pt.

But this is a really welcome improvement. Thank you,


Juillet 27, 2017 à 16:12 #23241
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Thanks all. Helpful to me as well!

Juin 14, 2018 à 10:09 #26756

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