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graphical issues in Linux

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I’m using OM 6.13 in Ubuntustudio (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS) and got some strange stuff going on. When I drag an abstraction from my workspace to the patch, the abstraction appears in other place, and not where the cursor is. Usually it appears way down the patch, so I have to scroll down a lot to grab it and drag it up.

The other thing is with patch cords. Sometimes they disappear once I open a patch and appear after moving or double clicking the objects (attached pics). This also happens while I’m trying to connect cords between objects.

So if someone has a hint, please let me know. Thanks!

Best regards,

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Juin 22, 2018 à 14:52 #26832
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Juin 25, 2018 à 22:02 #26862
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Hi rc. For running 3rd party apps with LTS dists you’re either lucky, or will have to address your distros maintainers and beg for help. In OM’s case i’m quite sure there’s nothing they could do. Problem is they use old, often obsolete, versions of libs and deps, braking everything but the apps provided by their official repos (or if you build everything yourself, including deps). I don’t know why you choose an LTS distro, but if you don’t need it to run a largely unmaintained server or something like that you’d better stay away. Sorry.

Juin 26, 2018 à 09:53 #26863

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