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Interpolation Between Chord-Seqs

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Would someone be willing to point me in the right direction on how to construct an interpolation between two chord-seqs? Ultimately, I wish to create interpolations between short pitch fragments that alternate between single notes and chords).

Thank you!

Juin 18, 2018 à 20:34 #26795
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nadir B.


I think there’s an example in the native om tutorials… yes n°18 in the help tab : it’s for chord objects. It might be a lead…



Juin 18, 2018 à 23:08 #26796
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I recently worked on interpolation with chord-seqs, I used interpolation objects from the Om-Profile library. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Best regards

Juin 19, 2018 à 12:04 #26797
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Thanks everyone! I did manage to create what I was looking for by interpolating between two chords. However, in order to arrive to a more elegant solution, I suppose, I’m still looking to interpolate between two chord-seq for the reasons outlined above.

Juin 19, 2018 à 16:12 #26798

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