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Lindenmayer System

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Does anyone know of an existing OM patch or library that implements the L-system or Lindenmayer system?

Mai 9, 2018 à 21:58 #26498
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Dear Nagymusic,

I don’t know if this is related,, but in the omChaos lib you have some ifs functions.
Unfortunately it is not well documented.

I am including an old PW doc of this lib. It should not be 100% compatible but gives yo some idea about these functions.


Mai 9, 2018 à 22:54 #26499
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Jean-Michel Darremont wrote these excellent tutorials about OMChaos (in French):


Mai 9, 2018 à 23:03 #26502
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Hi, I once tried to do it, see attached. I think it works well… The few instructions are in French, though, in the patch, if it’s not self-explanatory enough, just let me know, I’ll translate them!
The main patch is named starting with an underscore (_l-systems), the other is the recursive subpatch inside.
I will appreciate if any bug or misconception in the L-system logic is found.

Mai 9, 2018 à 23:26 #26503
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Thanks, everyone! I plan to study these materials. Very helpful!

Mai 10, 2018 à 02:58 #26507
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Had a chance to test the Jimmie’s L-system patch. It works very well! Also, the Chaos library documentation is very informative. Thanks again for sharing!

Mai 10, 2018 à 03:20 #26508
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…library that implements the L-system or Lindenmayer system

The Patterns library implements rewrite rules, supporting context free and context sensitivie rewrite rules. Rick Taubes original implementation was called ‘L-system’, but was subsequently generalized. Have a look at tutorial 10[abc] of the Patterns lib.


Mai 10, 2018 à 08:52 #26509
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Thank you Jimmie for sharing that nice patch!! :)

Best Lena

Juin 21, 2018 à 21:46 #26824

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