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making user functions

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I’m learning OM by finding old manuals on the web and working through them. This means some things have changed since they were written.
One is:
OpenMusic User’s Manual
Edited by Karim Haddad
Published Date: 2004/02/03 14:26:48
14 years ago!

I’m trying to follow the instructions for creating a new class:

Creating a new class
Here we create a user class named Pnote, a note that triggers a program change every
time it is played. We’ll tell OM that Pnote is just a Note plus some added information, by
defining Pnote as a ’subclass’ of Note. Pnote will inherit all of Note’s slots, and we’ll add an
extra slot to hold the program change.
Setting the inheritance
Here’s how to do it:
• Open the User package class hierarchy window by double-clicking the upper (light) part
of the user package icon.
• Choose File−→New Class
• Enter a class name (Pnote), a documentation string, an icon in the dialog window displayed.
• Open the Music:Score package class hierarchy window by double-clicking the upper (light)
part of the score package suitcase icon.
• Select the icon of class Note
• Choose File−→Make Alias
• Drag the newly created alias to the user package class hierarchy window.

I can create the class, but when I go to the package library and select ‘note’ from the score classes, there is no item ‘Make Alias’ under ‘File’. I know the package library has changed since the manual was written, so I am hoping the way to make an alias is merely somewhere else. I have seen a posting in the forum from January 2016 that refers to the “outdated / unmaintained user package interface”. Has this functionality gone away? Is there a more recent document that tells how it works now (I’m running 6.12 on Windows 7 and 8)?

TIA for any info-


Août 3, 2018 à 00:28 #27373
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In the user package “class tree view”, right/control click and use the “Select superclass” menu.
This will create the corresponding class alias in your class hierarchy.

Août 3, 2018 à 00:53 #27374

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