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Offtopic: Workshop registrations

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first I’m really sorry to hijack the OM group with this but I don’t know what to do. I tried several times over the last 2 months to reach someone with support request but something doesn’t seem to be working because I don’t get any answers. If there is a better place for this I’ll delete my topic.

I’m trying for some time now to register for the forum workshops this march but I can’t by clicking on the links of the prices – I don’t even know if I’m supposed to do it like this.

As said in my sent e-mails further down I found a page here which I hadn’t seen and where it said ‘Product not available anymore’ or something like that. So I guess the 150 places are taken?

I’d really love to attend the workshop.

Best wishes


———the e-mails————-
I am sorry for filling in this support request with wrong information. But I tried several times to get help about my problem (further down) with the workshop reservation and I didn’t get an answer.

I thought maybe it was because I left most of the fields empty (product, oder-id, …) as they didn’t include anything relevant to my problem.

I’m doing it like this now hoping someone could redirect my support-request to the right person.


I just wanted to check back if there is anything I can do because of the problem I described in an earlier mail. I am asking again as I don’t know how much time I have left unitl the workshop is booked out.


“Hi, lately I got a student subscription and I would like to sign up for the forum workshop in March 2019 but I wasn’t successful in trying to do that here:

Janvier 13, 2019 à 17:09 #28843
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Hello Fabian. I have forwarded your message to the Forum team.
I hope you’ll get a reply :)

Janvier 14, 2019 à 11:46 #28856
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Margaux BERVAS

Hello Fabien,

I work with the Forum team on the workshops.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us directly at and we will help you with your registration.

When you are on this page,, on the left click on “add to cart” then you should be able to register. (See the picture)

Best regards,

Janvier 14, 2019 à 16:24 #28858
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Margaux BERVAS

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Janvier 14, 2019 à 16:27 #28863
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Wow, Thank you for helping me. I feel pretty stupid now. =)

I checked the page a lot of times and it seems I was blind.
I totally missed the Add to cart button.

But I guess the problem I had with the support request is
a bug, so if it gets found at least something good came
out of it. I will tell it to the support team when I get
a reply.

Thanks again and now I’m happily looking forward to coming
to Paris.


Janvier 14, 2019 à 19:30 #28871

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