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OM 6.13 Error whlie loading OMTristan 3.3

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I get an error while loading OMTristan 3.3 with OM 6.13. It works fine with OM 6.12.
I attached a sreenshot:

  1. om613error_tristan33


Décembre 5, 2017 à 02:05 #24554
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Hi Bensi,

It seems like OMTristan is redefining mc->n and n->mc from OM kernel functions.

If you know how to track and edit them in a Lisp file, go in TMlibrarie-OM.lisp and remove all definitions of mc->n mc->n1, n->mc, n->mc1.

An update shall be posted soon.

All best,

Décembre 5, 2017 à 08:35 #24557
David Gerard Matthews
David Gerard Matthews

Has this issue been addressed? I would have no problem editing functions in the Lisp file, but would need a little more information on how to do it.



Janvier 16, 2018 à 20:50 #24849
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I installed OM 6.13 on OS X 10.13.3. When I load the OMTristan library, I obtain following error message:

“Error while loading the library OMTristan: “Lambda list (midics?) is not congruent with the lambda list (midics? &optional middle-c) of #<omgenericfunction mc->n 40D0C28794>.”

What should I do? Tell me if I should give you more information.

Avril 1, 2018 à 14:53 #26104

i have the same issue and error message.

Avril 4, 2018 à 20:35 #26158


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  1. Screen-Shot-2018-04-04-at-1.27.49-PM


Avril 4, 2018 à 23:37 #26159
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Hi there, this issue is already reported in a previous thread.

Avril 6, 2018 à 11:39 #26181
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Hi all,

So, a copy of OM-Tristan sources is now hosted on Ircam forge’s open repository with other OM libraries:

I have cleaned it up a little bit in order to remove some redunancies with OM code and possible conflicts, and packed a version “3.4” with the other downloads:

Let me know if anything doesn’t load or work as expected.


Avril 7, 2018 à 11:08 #26193
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OK, I do not have the error message anymore with the “3.4” version of OMTristan. Thanks

Avril 17, 2018 à 23:08 #26341

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