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OM on MacOS Mojave – no way past first dialog

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OM 6.13 (and back to 6.10)
MacOS 10.14 public beta 3 “Mojave” (Yes yes, mea culpa for using a beta of MacOS, but…)

On launching OM, the first dialogue appears (“Choose or create a workspace…”). One can choose an option, but there is no “OK” button, and no other way to confirm the choice. So there is no way of getting beyond this point. Pressing RETURN or ENTER does not work. One cannot QUIT, because there is no “QUITE” button, and the QUIT menu option is greyed out (and command-Q does not work). The programme is not ‘hung’ – it is just waiting for input that cannot be given. The only way out is force-quit.

It seems to apply to all the versions I have (6.10 to 6.13). Of course, these worked fine on previous versions of MacOS.

(I *am* using two displays, but when I try with just one display, I still get the same result)


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Juillet 24, 2018 à 16:24 #27239
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…and the answer my friend, … is in your question, ….
DON’T use Beta OS releases if you don’t want to have problems running your applications.
Another advice is not to use MacOsX at all… (don’t try windows either)…


Juillet 24, 2018 à 16:30 #27242
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A very fair point, Karim :)

Juillet 24, 2018 à 17:12 #27243
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Dear Andrew,

You know, my reply was not against you trying the latest Beta from Apple. I think trying out testing is really valuable, and thank you for the report. It is directed most particularly toward the annoying apple upgrading policies. Each time these guys launch an os upgrade most of serious applications have to follow up. THe trouble here is not OM issue , but worse, it’s LispWorks. i am afraid that most of Lispworks api applications will face this problem, and will have a major issue. So Lispworks will release a new version that will cost plenty to be MacOS Mojave compatible. It is alwasy the same game… where the loosers are the users. I’ve seen also other applications’ forum where mac (and window) users are also complaining about a lot of issues due to upgrades. My advice, better stick with a responsible OS, where the user has teh upperhand if you see what i mean. :-)

Best K

Juillet 24, 2018 à 17:52 #27244

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